We are a group driven by a strong desire for achievement. Our goal is to make a positive impact on Africa by offering high-quality, tailored solutions that address both current and future challenges.  At Satetra, we implement solution-oriented software and technologies to digitize operations, making trade simpler, more effective, and more efficient. 

  • Our Vision:  By 2035, we want to develop and implement Scalable, Effective Technology-based Softwares and digital support services that will benefit every economic sector in Africa.
  • Our Values:  We place a high priority on unwavering honesty, openness, Excellence Communication and Service performance.
  • Experiences:  Our Company has years of experience developing and deploying computerized applications to address Africa’s urgent technological and trade security concerns. For more than nine (9) years, Satetra Technologies Limited (Sarl) has offered the public and private sectors of Africa solutions that are both affordable and climate-tolerant.

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