Our New Efficient 
Multi-Tracker Technology 
‘Satetrack M558G-V2’

Satetrack M558G-V2 is a super mini size anti-theft GPS tracking device
specially design for motor and E-bike with stable quality. 

Get The Software you Deserve
with Satetra <Dev/> 

We are committed to transforming Africa through high-caliber, customized
solutions that are highly pertinent to the problems of the present and the future.
We specialize in creating websites, mobile apps, software applications, and more...

Portable Universal
Internet Connectivity
Technology ‘SateFi 753’.

Our 'SateFi 753' is a smart mini-size universal mifi device designed for
Speed and reliable Internet Connectivity in Africa. 

Logistics Made Easy 
Through Technology

We simplify the process of handling your shipments and managing logistics
through our online platform. This includes tasks such as obtaining price quotes,
making bookings, submitting necessary documents, tracking your cargo.


We are a Multi-national technology and logistics solutions provider.

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